BSidesHH2015 Closing-Talk

November 20, 2015

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Closing Talk

Aaron Zauner with Wilfried Mayer : 17:00-18:00

Yep! We poked all your mail daemons. State of Transport Security in the E-Mail Ecosystem at Large

Abstract: From april to july 2015 we’ve conducted internet-wide studies regarding use and deployment of in-transit security of the e-mail ecosystem at large. We’re the first to do such a detailed analysis of TLS and security extensions in e-mail protocols. While a large percentage of mail servers still support deprecated protocols, cryptography, self-signed certificates and bad parameter choices deployment seems to slowly improve. In this talk we’ll outline our findings, current and future research and give a concise overview of the current security of e-mail on the internet.



Speaker: Wilfried Mayer received a masters degree in Software Engineering at the Vienna University of Technology and works as a Researcher at SBA-Research. His research focuses on Internet-wide surveys, Network Security and TLS deployment and implementation issues.

Speaker: Aaron Zauner has 10+ years of engineering. Has seen the fallacies of distributed computing. Still enjoys working and researching in the industry. Loves tuning, scaling and securing of distributed systems - building on and contributing to great Free & Open Source Software. Above all: getting to meet brilliant people, exchange ideas and work on exciting projects all the time! I am self-employed and primarily do engineering work, consulting and research on IT Infrastructure Architecture, Operations & Development, High Performance Computing and Information Security. I currently also work as a researcher at SBA-Research working on network security, applied cryptography, conducting Internet-wide surveys, attacking protocol implementations and proliferating cryptography.