Interview with Derk Fischer

December 23, 2015

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Interview with Derk Fischer

Here we are, back again with Security-BSides in Hamburg! Last December’s event was an overwhelming success, and encouraged by the participants we felt we needed to offer a second conference whilst 32c3 was in town. Minimum time-frame, scarce resources, but yet again some awesome people around us made it happen!

This is why we want to introduce some of them to you. We’re currently interviewing sponsors, speakers, participants, workshop-leaders, supporters, and community members who spread the word even if they can’t make it to Hamburg. So join us in meeting our great BSides family!

Derk Fischer is a partner with PwC Düsseldorf responsible for the delivery of cyber security assessment and consulting services. These services are provided to clients of all enterprise sizes and industries in Germany and Europe.

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1. Most people know PricewaterhouseCoopers as huge auditing and consulting corporation. Why is IT-Security a topic for you?

PwC’s main intention is building trust – the trust of our clients in our service quality and our capability to handle business data in a secure and reliable way. Business today is transforming into digital processes in an extent never seen before. Therefore, IT-Security is one of the most essential services for PwC to be offered to our clients as a key prerequisite to provide digital trust to their future process and controls environment.

2. It would be very interesting to know if established strategy consultants face similar problems as small, highly specialized IT security research companies: Do top managers believe you if you explain them the risks of negligence in IT matters?

Driven by topics like Industry 4.0 or Internet of Things top management is expecting PwC to be a trusted and risk oriented advisor. In our role as business advisors, we are able to support our clients in a sufficient way by convincing them of the importance of IT matters and related risks, especially cyber security risks.

3. Since you are exchanging a lot with IT security experts: are you scared of Hackers?

The risk of being hacked is inherent to business IT environment due to complexity and digitalization, combined with dramatically fast development and speed of change. We should be aware of the benefits Hackers can provide as long as our society is willing to accept their self-conception of improving security in our unsecure daily digital environment. Alarming is the increasing number of crackers driven by criminal organizations, who are willing to use their capabilities for illegal activities, i.e. information espionage or service disruption.

Today’s security strategy should change from trust into singular security measures and ignorance to awareness and resilience measurements to force the ability to react to inevitable risks of being hacked at some point in time.

4. Even though BSides is very international and has a lot of people in their community, it still manages to be very down to earth and informal which is an atmosphere most community members appreciate. However, outside the US, BSides is hardly known to big companies. How did you find out about BSides and why do you think it is important to support the BSides community?

Due to PwC’s international network, we were aware of the activity of BSides accompanying large business congresses. It is our understanding that the BSides community is composed of a wide variety of skills willing to come together for sharing and collaborating. In a complex topic like cyber security, this is key for improving our own development and legitimate our support of the BSides community.

5. You are not only making sure we will have a good lunch at BSidesHH2015, you also show a big commitment to us by attending the conference with some of your colleagues - what are your hopes, wishes and expectations for this conference?

Our expectation for this conference is to find a valuable opportunity to meet business and IT representatives to exchange on actual topics regarding cyber security. Our team will be ready to share experience and know how into this dialog to take the role of a knowledge carrier in the BSides community.

How to book tickets

You can book tickets to the conference, via our Eventbrite page.