Interview with Jenny

December 12, 2015

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Interview with Jenny

Here we are, back again with Security-BSides in Hamburg! Last December’s event was an overwhelming success, and encouraged by the participants we felt we needed to offer a second conference whilst 32c3 was in town. Minimum time-frame, scarce resources, but yet again some awesome people around us made it happen!

This is why we want to introduce some of them to you. We’re currently interviewing sponsors, speakers, participants, workshop-leaders, supporters, and community members who spread the word even if they can’t make it to Hamburg. So join us in meeting our great BSides family!

This is Jenny Taheri - she is student at the College for Marketing in Mainz. She attended Finux’ Cryptoparties in Frankfurt and is very committed in raising security matters especially in marketing initiatives.

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1. Jenny, what is your connection to BSides2015?

I met Finux at one of his Cryptopartys in 2014 and I am in touch with him ever since. I admire his work and I am very thankful he regularly gives people a chance to understand better what they actually do (or don’t do) using the internet. Finux is really open minded and patient with all questions he gets from everyone, no matter if these questions are just for basing understanding of if they point out controversies. The community and their meetings make it possible for all participants to exchange with each other and to learn from one another to extend our knowledge. And all that happens in an atmosphere in which everyone feels comfortable to discuss. No-one feels intimidated and no one fears that anyone mocks them just because they don’t have the same skill level. Therefore, I deeply regret that I cannot make it to Hamburg this year – I am more than confident, that this conference will be hugely beneficial for everyone involved.

2. How did you have the idea to join a Cryptoparty?

For many years I have been interested in these topics. Internet security concerns every single person nowadays and it is essential to be informed about the means to protect oneself. I do want to know who is processing my data in what way and who they are giving them to. I need to know which dangers there are and how I can protect my data.

I must admit that since I watched the movie Hackers when I was a teenager, I feel some kind of fascination for encryption techniques and internet security. When my friend told me about the cryptoparty, I knew I did not want to miss it!

3. What was the most important thing you learned at the Cryptoparty you attended?

I can answer this question precisely! The most important thing I learned was the fact that it doesn’t actually take much to protect your communication effectively. I used to be overwhelmed by the enigma of encryption before, but today I feel that I know what steps I have to take.

4. What would you wish from Hackers or IT-Security Specialists in general?

I would generally wish for more education by real IT security experts. Also, I would wish that education is being given specifically to the single target groups and their specific needs. In other words: the educations needs to be delivered in a way that the normal user who does not have many IT skills feels comfortable getting useful insights.

Moreover, I would generally hope that tools that user could easily use would be accessible in an easier and more understandable way. I put a lot of hope in the Bsides culture to motivate many experts to share their knowledge to the public for these purposes.

5. BSides took place in Hamburg and Hannover yet, Munich is planned and Frankfurt considered. Even though you are not a “geek” - do you think it would be interesting to attend a BSides conference close to you at some point

Definitely! As soon as I get a chance, I will surely attend! I can’t wait!

How to book tickets

You can book tickets to the conference, via our Eventbrite page.