Ramping up Security at an open-source startup: Lessons learned

December 2, 2015

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Ramping up Security at an open-source startup: Lessons learned.

We all know security is hard. If your originally small open-source project that targeted home-users is suddenly attracting big enterprises with high security requirements as users, it’s probably even harder.

This talk will cover the highlights of the four year long security story of ownCloud (owncloud.org), an open-source file-sync and share solution used by millions of persons world-wide.

A lot has happened in these 4 years. The recent addition of the Bug Bounty program being a notable example.

So let’s reflect: What has potentially gone wrong? What could have been better and was everything we’ve done really a good idea?

Speaker: Lukas Reschke is Lead of Security at ownCloud Inc. the company sponsoring the development of the ownCloud project.

Prior to his employment at ownCloud he has been working for a IT Security consulting company. But soon he realized that helping building secure stuff is much more important and fun than breaking inherently insecure software.

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