Recording of Ambiguity Is Insecurity talk

January 28, 2016

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Recording of Ambiguity Is Insecurity talk

Meredith Patterson - Ambiguity Is Insecurity

It’s 2015, and every day it seems like there are more and more software vulnerabilities. Where do they come from, and how can we plug the holes? We’ll explore the ways in which implementations accidentally betray the intentions their specifications promised, and how today’s developers can close the vulnerability gap, in this introduction to language-theoretic security for nontechnical audiences.

Speaker Bio: By day a mild-mannered software engineer at Nuance Communications, by night the leader of the Langsec Conspiracy (, Meredith L. Patterson lives in Brussels, Belgium. She wrote and maintains the Hammer parser generator library (, and is currently working on Tongs, a “standard library” of reference implementations of protocol, file format, and message format parsers. When not traveling to far too many infosec conferences, she enjoys bicycling, cooking, and target shooting.

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