Recording of Ignoring Hackers, hunting Hackers, fearing Hackers

January 28, 2016

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Recording of Ignoring Hackers, hunting Hackers, fearing Hackers

Caroline Krohn - Ignoring Hackers, hunting Hackers, fearing Hackers

About Caroline’s attempt to guide Managers to a constructive exchange with security experts.

3 megatrends are occupying c-level managers these days: 1. Digital Transformation, 2. Governance & Compliance, 3. Sustainability. The goal is transfer conventional business processes into area-wide automatization, to do this within regulation and to make sure a value is added to society. This sounds quite modern and plausible at first sight, because successes in each of these endeavours reveal new business opportunities. They all say: if we are modern (digital), good (compliant) and nice (sustainable), we will satisfy needs of the main stakeholders: customers (efficiency), employees (reputation) and investors (risk awareness).

Yet, security concerns do not seem to be found all too much in these strategic considerations, even though each of these trends should include security awareness at first place. Companies who understand that they will not be competitive if they do not make enough effort to digitalize their business and their communication, turn out to be truly intelligent if they use the opportunity to build up systems that include security from the very first planning step. The biggest risk a company faces today is interruption of business processes, data theft, information espionage and negligence in terms of personal data. All these risks are compliance and governance issues. To act as a sustainable company means to think their own action through and they remain stable by establishing the right technology AND by raising awareness with everyone who deals with the systems.

Hackers, however, are not being considered helpers in these strategic considerations. On the contrary: security seems to be hardly more than a bullet point on a check list project managers need to get through with. Hints from outside are not being considered friendly – a Hacker is still necessarily an enemy to a manager. Hacker researches are seen with suspicion and every company just hopes they can dodge the bullet. Even if “the bullet” turns out to be a hint that could be quite useful. And why should a Hacker still find motivation to raise awareness in security issues if this alone is being considered a threat and he or she has to face serious sanctions?

This talk will analyze the clash of cultures and the misperceptions on the basis of the experience to organize a BSides Conference and to convince companies about its value.

Speakers Bio: Caroline Krohn is the founder of KROHN & PARTNER - BUSINESS DIPLOMATS. With her company, she constantly tries to help different groups of people (mostly managers of different cultures, countries, organizational entities, etc.) to get things done by communicating in a way that they actually understand each other.

She is well trained in this kind of translation service because she has worked in different environments, such as politics, university and the industry; in different branches, such as the airplane manufacturing industry, the renewable energy industry, the communications industry, the consulting industry and many more, as well as in and with different countries, like Germany, France, Russia, Bosnia, Austria, Spain, Italy, the US, the UK etc.

Caroline Krohn speaks 5 languages (German, French, English, Russian and Spanish) and has a degree in political sciences, modern history and philosophy which a specialization in military sciences.

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