Recording of It is not only about you anymore!

January 28, 2016

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Recording of It is not only about you anymore!

Fabian Koch - It is not only about you anymore!

In line with the congress motto of ‘gated communities’ i want to bring down some walls by opening up room for discussion about ‘the other side’ of IT Security that is often lost in the debate about the next hot APT. That what i call for now, lacking a better synonym, ‘the human side’.

While the world of 0wning the next toi(thing on the Internet) is moving forward very fast, the other 99%, the users//CEOs/n00bs/our parents are lagging critically behind. In the foreseeable future this is not something that will change. Or maybe it will, but how?

Have you tried putting it off & on again ? VS ambassadors of change

Can IT vs the ‘rest of us’ work any longer? What implications does this have for a broader understanding of securing stuff ?

It is not only about ‘you’ anymore! But about whom is it ? How can people attending BSidesHH i.e. make a change outside there ?

Will there ever be a christmas in the future where you can feel secure about not fixing anyones device immediately ???

Speaker Bio: Fabian Koch aka @rostmodern studied political sciences, modern history & cultural anthropology at Frankfurt University & Valladolid University(Spain) & have worked in the banking & automotive industry trying not to yell at customers while we would be discussing user interfaces over the phone. He doesn’t know anything about MMORPG or the technical details of Star Wars, so he’ll have to find his memes somewhere else.

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