Recording of Testing SSL

January 28, 2016

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Recording of Testing SSL

Dirk Wetter - Testing SSL

Everybody which goes by the description “pentester” has nowadays something in his/her drawer for SSL/TLS testing. That was maybe different like 10 years ago. A few commands with the swiss army knife openssl was almost everything one needed.

Skipping forward to today: After Heartbleed, friends and other foes it is not that trivial anymore. If one person boldly go where command line means has never been going before, that can be quite a task – as opposed to higher languages such as Python, C, Go.

The author will show some background information and internal about the project

Speakers Bio: D0rk is an old fart. He started playing with consoles, then with Z80 and 68k computers. As that became boring, he did some assembler on those machines to code mandelbrot fractals. As that became boring too he played with K&R C and start liking type casting.

Today he grew up – kind of – and is just one of those security guys.

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