1000 and 1 backd00rs

December 15, 2015

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Dash from Hack4 will be presenting - 1000 and 1 backd00rs

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abstract short: lets talk about backdoors and how to do it the subtle way

abstract longer short: we have seen great ways to infiltrate and backdoor systems since decades. but how subtle are those installations. are they any worth and what are they good for. at the end of the day an attacker is interested in keeping access on the system, style or doing it with rocket science isn’t always whats helpful to not being recognized. the talk will do a short overview of different backdoor/rootkit classes we had in the past and will focus on several basic tricks to maintain root and regain access to the system.

Speakers Bio: dash is too lame to write his own bio. instead he just presented 42 bytes spit out by /dev/urandom: 2b 9f dc f9 56 c8 dc ae 61 e0 37 17 cb 57 28 23 11 ee 78 3e 50 59 b4 8b 2b 2b dc c4 ef e1 e1 35 92 fd ba d0 9b 98 12 23 f2 bd

Finux Note: hmmmmm, dash seems shady to me :D

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