Videos Out Now

January 29, 2016

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yay recordings from BSidesHH2015 out now!

Great news guys, BSidesHH2015 videos are out now. We decided that we wanted to make them available on the Internet Archive ( So you can download any of the talks and they have also been embedded on our site too.

Meredith Patterson - Ambiguity Is Insecurity

Aaron Zauner with Wilfried Mayer - Yep! We poked all your mail daemons. State of Transport Security in the E-Mail Ecosystem at Large

Finux - Treason, Heresy and the Boy That Drives The Plow

Lukas Reschke - Ramping up Security at an open-source startup: Lessons learned

Dirk Wetter - Testing SSL

Jonas Abs - Durability of Law and the simply political character of voluntary commitments

TQ Hirsch - Square peg, round hole: Stopping injection attacks with shape matching

Daniel Smith - The importance of knowledge transfer thru mentoring in the field of cyber security

Caroline Krohn - Ignoring Hackers, hunting Hackers, fearing Hackers

Fabian Koch - It is not only about you anymore!

1D10T - Evolution of The Helmsman : Fire Sale

Blackswanburt’s - truly epic lightening talk/rant on disclosure

Dash - 1000 and 1 backd00rs